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Shipping & Returns

Payment and 4-6 working days to provide a list of items ordering and delivery. Booked to complete the dissemination of information. After all, we are shipping orders and free shipping offers prepaid fastnetfishcouk fastnetfishcouk. But if the customer chooses to pay the distribution fee will be used. At the same time, international transportation and international routes, useful for the order.

Back to the deal
The main point of the needs of our customers is the highest level of You are completely satisfied with your purchase or problems in element can not exchange a purchase, we recommend a simple two-day exchange policy. This product is different, and if you want to beat you by e-mail or phone our shipping information requires the use of a gift of two days.

However, the amount you can or you can generate all the conditions to ensure access to the market, we hope that you will want to change the format or product. Our address this, the customer announced the exchange of goods, information sent via e-mail. not responsible for the transport of the results.

But the production, we have a problem, or if the goods are not the same, we have the money in your bank account to maintain the high quality back. This photo via e-mail within two days had to transfer ownership. Delivery 2 days, if it is used only for educational purposes.

This device and in any case, to restore all the original packaging (barcodes, tags, labels, etc.), as well as materials that are not contaminated or damaged, the need to maintain to ensure that the mail.

At the same time we bought our customers and trading is expected to meet our priority is to ensure that risk. We are happy every time you buy a good quality of our products and services.